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With the UAE’s long established seafaring tradition, it is little wonder that a local company should excel in the yacht building industry globally. The UAE’s familiar dhows are the product of refined boat-building skills that have been passed on from generation to generation, providing boats for the Gulf and Indian Ocean waters since the earliest days of trading.

Today, Gulf Craft expresses this tradition and craftsmanship in a different form – building multi-decked motor-cruisers that rank with the best in the world in terms of design, quality and materials. While Gulf Craft is a local company staunchly proud of its regional heritage, it is nonetheless armed with a global view and ambitious plans to expand its portfolio worldwide.

Gulf Craft is the Middle East’s and Africa’s largest and leading producer of fiberglass boats and yachts, exporting over 70% of its production to 40 countries through the Majesty Yachts, Oryx and Silvercraft brands. Founded in The United Arab Emirates in 1982, Gulf Craft today produces vessels ranging from 20 feet runabouts and sport fishing boats, to 135 feet luxury motor yachts, with an annual production capacity of more than 400 boats.

Gulf Craft is a brand recognized internationally for its reliability in the marine manufacturing industry, innovative design layouts and styling for the regional and international markets. Use of the latest technologies, such as sandwich construction and vacuum infusion processes, water-jet drives engineered on large yachts, and gyro marine stabilizers, distinguishes Gulf Craft products in the market. Our state of the art manufacturing facilities, with 1,000,000 square feet, enable us to in-house major production process and ensure tighter quality control, cost efficiency, and the ability to be flexible with client requirements. Employing 1400 employees, Gulf Craft produces products to strict international maritime and industrial standards, such as ABS, RINA, MCA and others. Gulf Craft has also been CE and BVQA certified.

Today, Gulf Craft ranks as one of the world leading manufacturers and exporters of fiberglass leisure craft, one of a handful of boat-builders in the world with the capability to produce yachts of more than 100 feet in overall length. With thousands of its vessels cruising international waters, its products are distinguished and admired in the global yacht-building industry.

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